B A R B A R A   P E A C O C K

Selections from American Bedroom and HomeTown


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American Bedroom Portfolio  2017-on

In 2017 Barbara Peacock received the Getty Editorial grant for her work in an on- going portfolio project, American Bedroom: Reflections on the Nature of Life.  Peacock is traveling the far reaches of the US to make these diverse and inclusive photographic portraits.  

"In a time where home and belonging has divided us politically, and where physical walls are threatening to be built, travel has been prohibited, and the Dreamers hope not to be deported, Barbara ­­Peacock’s project shows us the moving democracy of having a bedroom to call ones own."              - Denise Froehlich, Director of MMPA

  Barbara Peacock,  Jessica,  Age 18, Milford, NH, 2016, Ink jet print, 36 x 48 inches

 Barbara Peacock, Jessica, Age 18, Milford, NH, 2016, Ink jet print, 36 x 48 inches

"Barbara’s project, “American Bedroom,” offers a composite portrait of the United States through unguarded portraits of Americans in their bedrooms. The images she has made so far – paired with pithy, poetic quotes from each subject – are full of subtle details that invite us to contemplate the idiosyncrasies of each enigmatic life. She reminds us that, in an era rife with hot-take, reductionist analyses of the American body politic, her fellow citizens really do contain multitudes."    Jay Davies- Getty Images

Hometown Portfolio 1982-2015

In 1982 Barbara Peacock began what was to become a thirty year project about her community in Westford Massachusettes.  Her photographic journey involved thirteen cameras, numerous formats and both color and black and white film.  A monograph of her works, Hometown was published in 2016.  In this exhibition we offer a curated version of that text.  

 Barbara Peacock,  Parents Market , 1982, Chromogenic print, 20 x 21 inches

Barbara Peacock, Parents Market, 1982, Chromogenic print, 20 x 21 inches

                              February 15 - May 19, 2018 


                                           Opening Reception:  Thursday, February 15, 6-8pm

                                                     Artist Talk:  Thursday, March 22, 6-8pm

March 8 date was cancelled due to snow!

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