Contemporary Portraiture 2018

June 14 – September 30, 2018

   Jack Montgomery,  Girl with a gun , 1997, Ink jet print, 15 x 15 inches

 Jack Montgomery, Girl with a gun, 1997, Ink jet print, 15 x 15 inches


"The very act of photographing something makes it special and indeed the significance and our understanding of it can change dramatically once it is turned into a subject."                                                                 

                                                                                                        -Susan Bright                                                                                                                                                                   


 Thursday, June 14, 6-8pm

                                                                                          Exhibition Opening reception


Jan Pieter Van Voorst Van Beest
Heath Paley
Fran Vita-Taylor
Ted Anderson
Uday Khambadkone
Tabitha Barnard
Barbara Goodbody
Chris Moody
Kevin LeDuc
James Provenzano
Jack Montgomery
Joan Proudman
Rose Marasco
S. B. Walker
Claire Seidl
Lynn Karlin
Robert Pennington
Judy Glickman
Dan Dowd
Greg Shattenberg
Melonie Bennett
Elke Morris
Dan Dow
Denise Froehlich
Jocelyn Lee
Justin Van Soest
Craig Becker
Felice Boucher
Candace di Carlo
Megan Jones


Portraits, whether they are national, sexual, racial, personal or artistic, are a way to understand people(s) and subject matter.  Portraits are one of the longest established genres in Art History and when they are:  commissioned, personal, figurative, autobiographical, filmic, self, object, public, religious/philosophical, or diaries, they shed light not only on the content and artist, but also the time in which they’re made.  

The photographs in this exhibition are not traditional in nature.   Contemporary portraiture looks forward as the medium and the germaneness evolves.  It borrows from the past whilst stretching the genre.  The work focuses on the subject- people, ideas, narratives, places, and so on.   It only borrows from the past.   We are excited to exhibit these 30 artists and roughly 79 images.