Important Advocates for the Maine Musuem of Photographic Arts

MMPA was launched by a Kick starter campaign in 2010.  The individuals listed below gambled on us by reaching into their wallets and giving generously to fund a startup they believed might make it.  We are in our ninth year and we are still being funded by generous individuals, institutions and foundations.  We are grateful and appreciate every dollar we Get.  90 percent of the donations we receive go directly into programming. MMPA is a 501c3 and your donations are tax deductible.  If you've given to MMPA, thank you for your support as we wouldn't be here without you.  


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Interns Wanted

To date MMPA has had fabulous students from Bates, MECA, USM and College of the Atlantic. We welcome more during the academic school year.

Please send a resume and cover letter to: for more information.

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Volunteers Appreciated

MMPA was launched by a small group of enthusiastic volunteers. We are happy to continue the tradition. Typically our need is September - June. Please send us a note with your interests and background to:


The 2010 Launch of the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts


Sarah Winifred Searle
Winky Lewis
Jay York
Andy Graham
Mark Marchesi
Ken Greenleaf
Diane Can Bird
Stephanie Davis
John Knight
John E. Seymore
Raphael Diluzio
Lauren Shaw
Johanna Moore
Jared DeSimio
Bill Mahoney
Melissa Lietz
Paisley Richard
E. Brady Robinson
David Kubiak
Robert Sharood
Authur Fink
Jeremiah McDonald
Rich Moyers
Pennie Taylor
Evan Beck
Ruben M. Perez
Joel Ferris
Deborah Randall
Jonathan Laurence
Duncan Potter Portland
Margo LK Harrington
Edward T. Pollack
Anthony Tripi
Steve McCardell
Mitch Eagan
Michelle Simone Laguerux
Chris Tegeler Beneman
Katie Hutchinson
Kerry Curren
Kathleen Clemons
Matt Bagwell
Edie Caldwell
Elena Murdoch
Leslie Allen
Mat Thorne
Nicole Wolf
Chris Williams
Jon Kolkin
Adam Lampton
Suzanne Gagnon
Robert Allen
Laurie Kowlton

Alice Clifford 
Dorothy Schwartz
Dianne Straka
Sharon L. Rosen 
Sam Smith 
Mark Ketzler 
Persephone Zill 
James Mahoney 
Lance Cromwell 
Youngmin Chang 
Abbie Sewall 
Susan Stedman 
Kathy Sneedhan 
Rita McCall 
Elizabeth Wilson 
Lori Ingraham
Heather Martin 
Cheryl Ran
Mary R Catheart 
Phoebe Porteous 
Avery Yale Kamila 
Lisa Stanford 
Steve Fuller 
Elizabeth Bowen 
William Saturno 
Sara Arnold 
Steven Langerman 
Leandra Fremont-Smith 
Megan Jones 
Chris Becker 
Braden Buehler 
Chrissy Libby 
Kate Anker 
Lori Latham
Liz Grandmaison 
Mary McGregor 
Rochelle Clinton 
Saridel Hel 
Karin Taylor 
Dean Gyorgy 
Gary Green 
Brenton Hamilton 
Heather Fredericks
Kate Izor 
Kay Smith 
Victoria Smith Interiors 
Scott Stoughton 
Sara Gray 
James Civiello 
Alexander Porteous 



Local Sponsors

University of Maine Presque Isle Reed Fine Art Gallery
University of Southern Maine Glickman Family Library
Ogunquit Museum of American Art
Fryeburg Academy Palmina F. & Stephen S. Pace Galleries

Down East Enterprise
Photo Market

Down East Magazine
Maine Home & Design Magazine/ Maine Magazine

Bangor Savings Bank Foundation
The Robert and Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Trust
The Becton Family Foundation
The Stewart Mott Foundation
Albert Glickman Family Foundation

Non Profit
The Center for Ethics in Action

the Musical Saw at an opening for Tonee Harbert