Established in 2010, the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts (MMPA) is a photographic arts endeavor, led by a dedicated core group of entrepreneurs.

Images from Light, Motion, Sound:2012 a collaboration with the Oqunquit Museum of American Art

The mission of the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts is to inspire, engage and educate, through the exhibition, preservation and collection of photography, film, videography, installations and new media. The Museum’s programs will address contemporary, historical, cultural and conceptual themes through local, national and international exhibitions and public events. Our focus is on Maine's vibrant community of photographic artists. 


MMPA Advisory Board 2016

Merle Nelson
Britta Holmquist
Fran Vita Taylor
Richard Keen
Brenton Hamilton
Elizabeth Moss

Gary Robinov
Jeff and Hillary Becton
Gary Green
Judy Ellis Glickman
Juris Ubans
Shawn T Denecker

Barbara Goodbody
Kathy Shaw
Ron Crusan
Bruce Brown
Ilya Askinazi
Charles Melcher

Steve and Judy Halpert
Rose Marasco
Jonathan Laurence
Margo Halverson


Board of directors and Co-Founders



Denise Froehlich is the director, curator and co-founder of MMPA. She is also a professor of photography and has taught photography, film and Art History at numerous academic institutions including:  Bates College, College of the Atlantic, University of New England and New England School of Art and Design/Suffolk. Denise's photographic images can be found in New England museums, academic institutions as well as private collections around the world. 

Anne Zill

Anne B. Zill has been a program associate with the Stewart R. Mott Foundation for more than 30 years and, for the last 18 years, she has also been the director of the University of New England Art Gallery. Most recently, she is their full-time curator. Her traveling photography exhibition, Women on War, has been seen in eight venues to date. Anne's curation extends to several United Nations exhibitions on the progress of the world's women. She is also the founder and director of Ethics in Action and the co-founder of MMPA.  Anne is our role model and the organizer among us.  She keeps our nonprofit and museum efforts timely and forward thinking.

Melonie Bennett 

Melonie Bennett is a contemporary photographer who specializes in documentary work.  When Melonie's images are not being displayed in local galleries and museums, they are adding humor and intellect to the pages of Downeast Magazine or the walls of important collectors around the country. Melonie is also a co-founder of MMPA and aides in our curatorial decisions and operations. 

Elizabeth Moss

Elizabeth Moss is a frame shop/gallery owner in Falmouth Maine and co-founder of MMPA.